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Whether racing for the finish line or commuting to the office, drivers know that Maxxis delivers the best in passenger and light truck tires. For ultimate performance and reliability, trust Maxxis.

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No matter what the conditions, riders trust Maxxis motorcycle tires for top performance. If ATVs are your passion, you can choose from a full line of utility and sport models, including those used by champions worldwide.

For road, mountain biking, cyclocross and BMX, Maxxis offers an outstanding array of bicycle tires. Professional racers and weekend warriors alike count on Maxxis to deliver high-quality performance with cutting-edge technology.

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Offering durability and a smooth ride, Maxxis trailer tires are constructed to handle the punishing weight of heavy loads. For cargo and travel trailer needs, Maxxis delivers the goods. 

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From dirt to asphalt and sprint to endurance, Maxxis provides the ultimate in performance and quality.

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Industrial customers know they can count on Maxxis skid steer and loader tires. For the best in traction and durability, the choice is Maxxis.

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For the best in traction and durability, the choice for Commercial Truck drivers is Maxxis.

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Now available in the eStore: Maxxis’ line of compact spare tires!

Visit the Maxxis eStore for all your factory gear needs. We carry a variety of tires and accessories for bicycle, trailer and automotive/light truck.

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Maxxis Receives Award from Toyota

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Toyota presented a Regional Contribution Award to Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co., Ltd., d/b/a Maxxis International, at its 2011 Global Suppliers Convention.

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Johnny Greaves will ride Maxxis for the 2011 and 2012 seasons. The off-road racing legend recently signed a sponsorship deal with the company, joined by Monster Toyota teammates Marty Hart and Greaves’ son C.J.

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Bobby Garrison rode Maxxcross SI tires to victory in both Pro motos at WORCS’ Round 2. The races were held February 26-27 in Taft, California.

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Bowers stretched his overall lead to 22 points with his fourth straight win in the AMA Arenacross series.

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Maxxis on List of Global Top 10 Tire Companies

Maxxis has been ranked tenth on Tyres & Accessories’ annual list of the top ten global tire companies. The prestigious ranking was announced last month.

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Maxxis has been ranked tenth on Tyres & Accessories’ annual list of the top ten global tire companies. The prestigious ranking was announced last month.

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Manolo Ortiz, piloto y distribuidor de Maxxis en Bolivia, se convirtió en una de las sorpresas de la jornada final del Rally Zamipata, celebrado en Mayo 23 y 24.

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Después de su destacada participación en la primera fase del Torneo TATT 2009 celebrado en el desierto del Ica, Perú en Abril pasado.

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